June 5th is the date chosen to bring awareness to HIV Long -term Survivors. This day is considered the start of the HIV epidemic as it was first published by Centers for Disease Control in 1981. On this day we honor and raise awareness about the needs, issues, and journeys of people living with HIV who have survived the HIV epidemic for many years.

 Who is under the umbrella of HIV Long-term survivors?

  1. Long-term survivors of HIV- or Longest term survivors– those who have been living with HIV since before the era of effective HIV drugs. Pre- highly active anti-retroviral therapy. (HAART) This is a time in the epidemic when it was considered a death sentence because of the lack of effective drugs.

  2. Long-term survivors– living with HIV for more than 10 years and those diagnosed after 1996. It was in 1996 that HAART became available and an effective way to control the virus.

  3. Lifetime survivors of HIV- those who have been living with HIV since birth or early life.

  4. Early acquired HIV– acquired during the first 10 years of life.

HOCC honors the resilience and strength of all our women who are HIV Long-term survivors. HOCC is committed to bring together and help our women thrive to live their best life through education and connection..

On June 7th 11:00am – 12:00pm HOCC’s Special June Program is “HIV and Aging”  with Deanne Walsh, APRN – Contact Heidi (617)285-7755   for Zoom Link.


*  Long-Term Survivors of HIV: https://www.thewellproject.org/hiv-information/long-term-survivors-hiv

* HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day #HLTSAD: https://www.hiv.gov/events/awareness-days/hiv-long-term-survivors-day

*  HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day: https://aidsetc.org/calendar/hiv-long-term-survivors-awareness-day

*  Resources for 2024 HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day: https://www.hiv.gov/blog/resources-for-2024-hiv-long-term-survivors-awareness-day   *** The Reunion Project is holding a 3-hour National Virtual Meeting for HIV long-term survivors on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, starting at 11 AM PT/ 12 PM MT/ 1 PM CT/ 2 PM ET. Register for the meeting.  Details on virtual meeting above .