Faces and Voices of HOCC

Faces and Voices is HOCC’s newest way to keep our community of women safe and connected despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. While maintaining our monthly traditions of health education, empowering conversations, and warming hearts, we have created “HOCC on the go,” an initiative to bring some HOCC smiles and love into the homes of our women. To keep us all safe but connected, we’re posting messages and pictures that our HOCC women send us, featuring their strong voices, their beautiful faces, and their HOCC on the go packets.


HOCC on the Go:

Monday, May 11, 2020

Reaching out to the women of HOCC during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Getting Ready

The Arrival

HOCC at Home

New Faces of HOCC


Voices from HOCC

This was so great- I feel like I went to HOCC today – thanks!

Thank you so much – it felt like a HOCC day today!

Thank you so much for this little care package. All the items are truly needed and it was very thoughtful and greatly appreciated! Please continue to stay well. Much peace and love.

HOCC shares the love in the best way she could – from a distance yet in my heart.

Thank you HOCC and God bless.

You are a Gem! And again, thank you for all and all you do us!!!

One thing I know HOCC doesn’t forget us!

Thanks for everything HOCC does for me and us!

Thank you so much! I didn’t expect all this – you did great!

I love you guys please stay safe – I miss you all very much

God bless you all and happy belated Mother’s Day to HOCC!

I stay in all of the day alone but today it felt like my HOCC family was with me.

Even if we were not there today – HOCC was with me at home.

Thank you this made my day – can’t wait to come back.

Thank you! I have been feeling kind of sad until HOCC on the go came home to me – it made me smile!

Yes, safety first and HOCC – thank you!

Thank you for the care package it was lovely and so thoughtful of you to do it for us.

Things have been feeling like too much but today it felt just right – thank you!

HOCC on the go came today. Thank you so very much. You made my day. Please keep in touch. I can’t wait until we meet again. I miss everyone so much. Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you so much for the gift pack I needed that mask and sanitizer.

We are told to wear a mask and wash our hands or sanitize – pretty hard when you don’t have easy access but then – HOCC steps up and gives them to us! Thank you!!!

Just got my package today, thank you so much – I love this!

I usually get bills or bad news in the mail but today I got love from HOCC!!! Thank you!

Thank you, thank you very much needed!!!

OMG thank you love it! Everyone was jealous!

Oooh I love the STASH tea!!! What a tasty treat!!!

The candle is sooo very exquisite… idk if I can light it!

The gifts bring back good happy feelings down to the two mints!!

I’m tickled pink! This truly brought the much needed sunshine!!


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Monday, June 8, 2020

HOCC’s 23rd Anniversary and Counting