Faces and Voices of HOCC

Faces and Voices is HOCC’s newest way to keep our community of women safe and connected despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. While maintaining our monthly traditions of health education, empowering conversations, and warming hearts, we have created “HOCC on the go,” an initiative to bring some HOCC smiles and love into the homes of our women. To keep us all safe but connected, we’re posting messages and pictures that our HOCC women send us, featuring their strong voices, their beautiful faces, and their HOCC on the go packets.

April Faces and Voices of HOCC

Twelfth HOCC on the Go…

Monday, April 10, 2021

Annual Domestic Violence: Healthy Relationships vs Unhealthy Relationships


 Eleventh Annual Health Fair, on the 22nd Annual National Women’s Health Check-Up Day


Getting Ready

April Faces and Voices of HOCC



Breaking Good News!!!

Congratulations Mayra you are the first woman to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!


HOCC at Home

New Faces

HOCC women’s arms have the power…


Spring is in the air and HOCC women are sharing and expanding their families!!!

Voices of HOCC

HOCC Monthly Message

Two things we know: April showers bring May flowers, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and so much brighter. This Spring, with the hope brought by the vaccine, it feels like we are on a launching pad to a fresh new horizon ahead of us. We certainly are in the midst of an evolving and changing time—and yes, necessary change.  One thing I know is that change is happening like the change of seasons as we now move into Spring.  Things are a-changing, and thank goodness they are! We have choices today, and you can witness the change, you can be the change, or you can accept and become one of the changed. It is the moment we have talked about all year – justice and equality for all. So bring in those May flowers – and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Heidi and HOCC Board


March Faces and Voices of HOCC

Gene Greear Gore

January 4, 1932 to March 21, 2021


Some of you may remember this beloved face from past HOCC luncheons that Gene attended. She usually sat up front at the first table on the left. Gene was an AIDS activist since the early days of the crisis, when she was a visiting nurse in San Francisco to homebound people battling the virus. Gene loved HOCC and HOCC women and always looked forward to the second Monday of the month. She donated regularly to Miss Piggy and would give me a small amount to feed her when she couldn’t attend our luncheon. She is a bright light who will be sorely missed.

–Marjorie C

March Faces and Voices of HOCC

Eleventh HOCC on the Go…

Monday, March 8, 2021

15th Annual National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


National Nutrition Month

Getting Ready


March Faces and Voices of HOCC


Breaking Good News!!!

Congratulations Sylvia you are the first woman to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!


HOCC at Home

New Faces


Spring is in the air and HOCC women are getting ready!!!

Voices of HOCC




HOCC Monthly Message


It has now been a full year since we gathered in-person—a year which was incredibly long, and yet last March feels like yesterday. Everything in the world turned upside down and nothing has been as we expected, but nonetheless, we are getting through this convoluted maze. Today, there is a new horizon ahead of us: you can feel it in the air, our hearts, and our souls. We are emerging from the darkness of last spring and into the sunlight in front of us. We are certainly ready, and some of us are already armed (or soon to be armed) with the vaccines that will help us move safely over the final hurdles to normalcy. As we move forward, we welcome the light of change and wellness, and of new opportunities. What is most important for you to do now is to keep doing what has kept you safe and well this past year, stay focused, and remain strong. We will not only return to HOCC in the future, but we have a new year ahead. Embrace this moment—you got this!

Heidi and HOCC Board



February Faces and Voices of HOCC

Tenth  HOCC on the Go…

Monday, February 8, 2021


“Matters of the Heart

Thank You Laura!!!



Getting Ready

February Faces and Voices of HOCC


Breaking Good News!!!


Congratulations Sylvia and Mayra you are the first two women to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!


HOCC at Home




New Faces


Voices of HOCC







HOCC Monthly Message

February has always been the month associated with matters of the heart. A year from the start of the COVID pandemic, our hearts have been challenged by reduced access to physical activities and fresh foods, negatively impacted by changes in our relationships or by losing loved ones, and disillusioned by the deepening of social injustice and inequality. Yes, our hearts have been tested, but through all of the challenges, we are stronger today and we are still connected. Today, our hearts are refilling with hope and there is much needed change on the horizon. We are ready – ready to create something better, built by forgiving hearts and nurturing love. Embrace the change, be the change, and let us all grow together to make this coming year the change we need for a better future for everyone. Remain strong and healthy.

Heidi and the HOCC Board

January Faces and Voices of HOCC

Ninth  HOCC on the Go…

Monday, January 11, 2021

“A Good New Normal: Embracing 2021 with Hope” and  “Community Kids Care About HOCC”


Thank You Laura!!!

 Getting Ready



Thank You Tracy!!!

January Faces and Voices of HOCC


Breaking Good News!!!

Congratulations Mayra and Edythe you are the first two women to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!



HOCC at Home

New Faces


Voices of HOCC

“I certainly needed this today – we all need HOCC on the Go – I mean a nation should receive this love and respect! But as you always say we have hope and we got this – but it’s harder than other days.”

” I received your wonderful New year’s 2021 gift this afternoon and I am sending all my thanks to you and once again sending all my appreciation for the months you comfort us in this trying times with your unconditional thoughts you do need a medal for this on going work. I send you some pictures of the gift package I received today. Once again thank you.”

“Thank you soooo much!  Everything is amazing and I LOVE the cute masked cards – I am QUEEN for the Day!!! I know they are all smiling under their masks like me – I have a big smile today and not a day that has many smiles – thank you HOCC!”

“I love the kids collage it is very touching to be sent so much love from HOCC and their families!”

“The HOCC Board video was amazing – brought lot’s of tears but good tears today.”

“Thank you HOCC for keeping us all connected and even health and wellness informed like we were still in the room! This HOCC teal mailer has been my lifeline – don’t know what I would do without HOCC!!!”

“I finally got my HOCC today!!!   I guess the mail still is having problems but not HOCC – you got us!!!”

“Thank you for my birthday card – the only one I received! AND I even got my teal beads in the mailer – amazing! Funny, I almost hear the women signing Happy Birthday to me!!! Thank you”.

“Love the kids project and the video AND the TEAL is always wonderful!!!”

“Today I got hope in a bag and in my heart – thank you HOCC”.

“Thank you – everything in the bag is such a treat! Can’t believe I have created a new normal HOCC in my home. When I receive the teal I open it up, check out my raffle numbers, pour a hot cup of STASH tea – flavor of the month, and start reading all of wonderful materials – perfect this month about selfcare tips and artwork to enjoy! I really needed this – I am very safe in my home as the country is not!”

“Thank you for staying connected to me and then helping me stay connected with others – love this website”!

“This might be my favorite TEAL yet! I so love the messages you send every month and this month the card itself was perfect! The masked adorable animal faces made me smile and I certainly need smiles today!”

HOCC Monthly Message

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have been advised to physically distance, isolate, and wear a mask to help reduce the spread of the virus. We need to keep doing all these things, now more than ever before. 2020 has been a year when most of us have retreated into our own safe bubble, venturing out only when necessary. Yes, we have endured many challenges and losses over the past ten months, but we can’t lose sight of what emerged during those dark days and nights: the spirit of hope. We have hope from the development of a vaccine, but we also have hope from a rekindled focus on social justice, kindness, truth, and humanity. This cannot be just another moment in time – it is the time to embrace much needed changes to create a safer, more inclusive, and more equal new normal filled with compassion, fairness, and equality for all.

As I have said each month, we’ve got this – let’s take this journey forward together to help make the difference for a healthier, better tomorrow for all of us.  Stay strong and remain well!

                                                                                                    Heidi and the HOCC Board                                                                                                                  January 1, 2021





December’s Faces and Voices of HOCC

Eighth HOCC on the Go…

Monday, December 14, 2020

HOCC’s Annual: World AIDS Day and Holiday Flair

December 1, 2020 World AIDS Day – 40 years and counting since the AIDS epidemic

HOCC Putting On Her Red Ribbons…

HOCC Women Raising Awareness


 Getting Ready

December’s Faces and Voices of HOCC!


Breaking Good News!!!

Congratulations Tonia and Sylvia  you are the first two women to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!




HOCC at Home

New Faces

Voices from HOCC

“I felt like a kid again opening the Holiday Flair – what fun”

“All of these creative things will make it easier for me through these terrible times – will keep me busy”

“Love the red holiday mask perfect for Worlds AIDS Day and Christmas!”

“You have brought us hope each month and now were are really close to it all coming true – we just have to hold on a bit more – wear our masks and keep our distance – you have been right all along – we got this — thank you so much!!!”

“HOCC is the best and I will do my best for HOCC in 2021!”

“You have brought our much needed Christmas cheer into our homes – I will not feel alone with all of you beside my heart!”

“I will decorate my tree with HOCC this year and will not feel alone for I will drink my Christmas Morning tea and dream of hope for 2021 and seeing my HOCC sisters soon – THANK YOU HOCC!!!”

“I love you HOCC!!! We are great!! We are strong!! AND I love you for all you do – the mailings each month, all the reading information, the evaluations and the list goes on…” Thank you HOCC!!!

“It’s amazing we are given choices every month such as our snack or being asked for our opinions like the kinds of masks we prefer, or tea flavors we like, or topics we want to hear more about. But what is really important to say is that you all try and give us what we want – what matters to us and we see it in our next mailings”.

“Every month feels like HOCC in person – thank you – I don’t feel so alone!!!”


HOCC Monthly Message

It’s time for HOCC on the Go once again, now over nine months since the start of COVID, and almost halfway through the holiday season; certainly, it’s been a challenging year. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of things to be grateful for, like finding new ways to stay connected to our friends and families, which may even bring us closer together than we were before. This holiday season is also a time for us to accept and embrace the importance of science, and be guided by experts and not rhetoric as we navigate through this pandemic and focus on our health and wellness. It’s a time to learn and understand what truly matters to us and those around us, and to stand up for each other and for justice. And most importantly, it’s a time to embrace hope and the promise on our horizon, where we can live proudly and where equality can reign without exception.

Enjoy this season, remain strong, and look forward to a healthier 2021!




Seventh HOCC on the Go…

Monday, November 9, 2020

HOCC’s Annual: “Reflection and Gratitude”


 Getting Ready


November’s Faces and Voices of HOCC!



Breaking Good News!!!

Congratulations Sylvia  you are the first woman to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!




HOCC at Home

New Faces

HOCC Women’s Wellness Strategies During COVID-19: Getting ready for the winter,  giving thanks, and raising awareness for World AIDS Day – December first!

Voices from HOCC


Since the first day I entered HOCC I have been grateful to HOCC! They saved my life from shame, guilt, and almost losing my children – I am thankful everyday not just this month of gratitude.

I miss HOCC in-person BUT I am so grateful that HOCC visits me at home and on our website!!!

I don’t know how HOCC does  what it does for us it but I know I can’t do this pandemic without it.

Thank you HOCC Board that video was really amazing. I really loved seeing everyone’s face and hear your voices – can’t wait until we meet in-person again!

My message to you in just three words  –  I LOVE HOCC!  HOCC has been my saving Grace.

Thank you for everything and getting your beautiful birthday card in the mail today – on my birthday was so beautiful –  my first one!!!

Your cards and your words of hope each month I look forward to and it really helps me all month long!

Since I lost my mommy in March today’s been the first day I actually feel like there’s a possibility of Hope!!! Thank You-

I really love reading all of the papers you send us – and now I have created a new HOCC tradition – drinking a hot cup of Stash tea while I read every word – all of the flavors are delightful!!!  Thank you!!!

I love getting HOCC in the mail – and it’s just for me – sometimes I share with my kids but it’s still mine!!!

I am thankful for life, seeing a new day, and HOCC all day long!

God bless our second Mondays of the month!

HOCC Monthly Message

In the spirit of this season, let me begin with a warm thank you to our HOCC family for helping us  fill the Faces and Voices page on our website. By doing so, you have brought much needed smiles and joy to our community of women! Check it out when you have time at www.hoccprograms.org/gallery.   These are unprecedented times, where everything feels like it is moving lightning fast and yet incredibly slowly. Today our winter holiday season is fast approaching, beginning with Thanksgiving in just two weeks! Normally, we have our own traditions to prepare for, but this month, like the last eight months, we have to pause and wonder about rescheduling, postponing, or reimagining this holiday of friends and family gathering to give thanks. Now, we must envision a safer plan to celebrate this season of gratitude. You all have been doing the right thing by faithfully wearing your mask, practicing social distancing, and remaining as strong and focused as you can be given the circumstances. You are strong HOCC women—maybe even invincible—and you know what needs to be done to live safely.

Enjoy and stay in touch!

Heidi and HOCC’s Board!



Sixth  HOCC on the Go…

Monday, October 19, 2020

HOCC’s Annual: “Women and Trans Women’s Health”


 Getting Ready


October’s Faces and Voices of HOCC!


Congratulations Alyssa you are the first woman to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!


HOCC at Home

New Faces of HOCC

HOCC Women’s Wellness Strategies During COVID-19: Getting ready for the winter, voting, and giving thanks.


Voices from HOCC

The website is fabulous I went through all different kinds of emotions looking at all the ladies and all the wonderful things done for us  — it is beautiful!   I’m crying, I’m laughing, I’m having all kinds of feelings – oh my goodness I miss everybody – I love you all – I’m so happy to be a part of this – this is my life!

I love the card and I will keep smiling!

I can’t believe this pandemic continues to keep us from our friends and family – but HOCC has found a way to keep us together and gives us something to look forward to every month!  Believe me, HOCC  has helped me be ok and well and I remain surrounded by my HOCC sisters 24/7 when I visit our website.

I am sending smiles to you all.

Today, I will wear my new pin to support our Trans-sisters — thank you HOCC for supporting all women!!!

HOCC is rally for all women — FOR REAL!!!

HOCC always stands by us 24/7!

Things are hard right now and who knows what the outcome of the election will be — we can only pray  — what I know as well of my HOCC sisters is that we do have a good outcome because of HOCC!!!

HOCC Monthly Message

Once again, we’re bringing HOCC to the safety of each others’ homes. Not much has changed, and yet everything is changing. COVID continues to linger and cases have even started to increase again, yet mask wearing is on the decline. Go figure, but we do know for sure that masks save lives — so make sure to wear yours! I know it’s hard, since when we wear our masks we miss the smiles, and even a quick flash of a smile can last forever in our memory. Take a second and think about one of those smiles; I know that always makes me feel better. Today when I need a smile, I go to our HOCC website, where there are so many smiles to enjoy! Research backs this up: a simple smile can make you feel happier and less stressed. My challenge to you during this tough time is to be the reason someone smiles today!

Heidi and HOCC’s Board



Faces and Voices of HOCC

Fifth  HOCC on the Go…

Monday, September 14, 2020

HOCC’s “Women, Mental Health and Wellness”

Getting Ready



September’s Faces and Voices of HOCC!

The Arrival

Congratulations Mayra you are the first woman to receive HOCC on the Go today!!!



HOCC at Home


New Faces of HOCC


HOCC Women’s Wellness Strategies During COVID-19: Gardening, Painting, Baking, Photography, and Anniversaries!

HOCC Celebrates Women 24/7

Congratulations JoAnn – 11 Years and Counting!

Voices from HOCC

We truly appreciate all you do!

HOCC has landed – thank you!

Thank you! I thank you very much – it is a very nice package! The book and pen is wonderful I love writing – I write every down when I am at church- have a blessed night!

I love the mailer – it might be my most favorite one yet! Thank you!!

I like everything in this package!

Happy happy  –  joy joy!

Love the mask – so soft and fits great – full coverage – thanks!

Love the book- always writing my thoughts down on pieces of paper and then loose them – this is perfect! Much thanks.

The puzzles we get in the mailer are great – they help keep my mind off of things – thank you – it realty helps!

Thank you for all you do for us!!!

I love the puzzles – it would be great to have puzzles every month – real good for me thanks!

Happy Monday HOCC – best day of the month for me – can’t believe you have kept us all together and safe for 5 months – thank you HOCC sisters!

God thank you for all your help – you are a terrific lady – believe me – thanks HOCC!

This is so beautiful thank you so much I am going to enjoy all of it – thank you so much sending you many prayers!

The teal HOCC on the Go is the cherry on top – but the best thing is staying connected, text messages every week, and funny to say, the waiting for the second Monday of each month! Thank you HOCC – no one else could do this except for HOCC!

I got my HOCC birthday card in the mail this week – HOCC does not forget! It was the only one I got-thank you!

Thank you so much! The work and the love that went behind this! I love the journal, my mask, my CVS card! My positive affirmation the most! I’m so loved unconditionally.

Your cards you write to us every month are amazing and so inspirational and real – Hallmark might be calling you! Thank you!!!

I can’t believe that HOCC keeps us informed and safe with all the information we get each month – NO, I can believe it! Thank you – HOCC you  always  help me stay well!

Happy Monday evening. I just want to say thank you for the journal and I love the word search book – I love working on them!

I love HOCC! Masks masks and more masks – thank God HOCC knows how much we need them and the new white one is wonderful soft – feels good and breathable. AND HOCC being HOCC they want to know which one is best for me – and more choices are coming! THANK YOU!

I love getting our HOCC educational information each month – now I sit down with my HOCC tea and can take time reading my handout! I am well today and I will stay well! Thank you HOCC!

I just received the amazing HOCC package! Thank you.

Good Tuesday Morning! Thanks again HOCC for the wonderful gift and all the goodies along with it.  I am continuing to appreciate a;; the hard and good work you are doing in this trying time. Thangs again Heidi and HOCC – Always!


HOCC Monthly Message

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the way we live. Coupled with what we are going through as a nation, it is something we will never forget–it will be etched in our minds, our hearts, and will be a part of our souls. Not only do the COVID-19 outbreak, the physical distancing, and the isolation challenge our daily life, but this summer, we’re fighting systemic racism, attempts to divide our communities with fear and hate, and the deepening splits within our nation. Each of these affects our mental health and wellness. Yes, it has been a crazy time, but the good thing is, we are not alone: we have each other, and HOCC is doing our best to keep us connected. So, for now, take a break, lean on one another, hold onto  good news, and use our materials to help keep you safe and well all day long.

Don’t forget to get ready to HOCC the Vote!

Heidi and HOCC’s Board



Faces and Voices of HOCC

Fourth HOCC on the Go…

Monday, August 10, 2020

HOCC’s Annual: Women and Their Brain


Getting Ready

August’s Faces and Voices of HOCC!

The Arrival




HOCC at Home



New Faces of HOCC



Voices from HOCC

You know one thing I always look for is your message – it gives me hope every time.

Stay safe everyone – miss you all!

Thanks for all you do for me – us!!!

Another wonderful HOCC on Go with a beautiful card – thank you!

Thanks HOCC – thanks for the sunshine!

What a fun way to start my day – the mailer was at my door this morning – thank you!

I am a winner! Talk about making a day better – Thanks HOCC!

I so miss going to the HOCC meetings, but I love the beautiful card!!!

Yayyy!!! Christmas in August!!! Thank you!!!

I’ve been working on some Art!

Oooh I got some of my favorites!!! Ginger tea and the bag is so cool – love it!!!

God bless U – you have an

This time has been very challenging to me, when I get HOCC mail it makes me happy!

Thank you so much or the opportunity! The fact that you are doing this for me/us is so beautiful – you didn’t have to continue HOCC during these uncertain times, but I for one are extremely grateful that you are. Thank you again, be safe and blessed.

I so look forward to the second Monday of each month – just like before COVID-19. And all the calls and texts and follow ups all month long make this period feel safe and good for me – thank you HOCC!!!


HOCC Monthly Message

It’s been several months now since most of us have attended in-person support meetings, have visited and ate dinner with friends and family, or have been to work, the gym, or hairdressers. We’re even having most of our contact with our health care providers virtually or on the phone, and this likely will continue at least for the next few months. Many of us are not sleeping well, our hands are dry from too much hand sanitizer, and our brains are foggy from listening to or reading too much about COVID-19. So for today, take a step back and pay attention to your mental and physical needs during this challenging time. Remember, we need to think about safety first–it’s about taking care of your health and wellness. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Heidi and the HOCC Board




Faces and Voices of HOCC

Third HOCC on the Go…

Monday, July 13, 2020

HOCC’s Annual: Healthy Relationships



Getting Ready

July’s Faces and Voices of HOCC!

The Arrival


HOCC at Home

New Faces of HOCC


Voices from HOCC


“Like branches on a tree we may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

 This quote was sent to us as a way to sum up her feelings about HOCC.   (thank you Tracy)


The message in my card hit home! By the Grace of God I am thankful that I awake each day to sunshine, storms, or a rainbow and handle the day’s event the best way I can.

This month’s HOCC on the Go is a job well and done packed with all of the love and respect I need until next month – THANK YOU!!!

WOW! This has so many fun things  packed in this month! It means so much to me. Thanks for staying connected to me!

Just to let you know my husband gets a little jealous because I’m getting free masks!

HOCC keeps us safe with monthly masks, hand sanitizers, sun screen, and gift cards to help with co-pays and essentials – there’s no place like HOCC, there’s no place like my HOCC!!!

I just received everything today and I am so happy because my raffle ticket won – it’s a good day!

I never really like waiting for anything – but I certainly love waiting for HOCC on the GO! It’s like exciting and fun and always worth the wait!

Thank you for the birthday card and teal beads – it’s the only card I received and I have been wearing my beads all day!

OMG you are amazing and such an inspiration!!! Thank you!! I love it!!

This was so nice – it made my day!

I just got my package thank you so much for the birthday shout out!

Thanks for the mask – my other one flew away!

Thank you for my HOCC on the go care package!

Thank you for the nice package. The information in it is helpful. I also love the saying on the sticker on the envelope.

The messages are always so inspiring from the sticker on the outside of the teal mailer to the inspirational card, to the special note in the cards to us – I am very grateful I have HOCC as my inspiration all day long!

I loved my card today “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the differences you make in peoples lives” Michelle Obama

HOCC makes a difference to me!

Thank you I received all my beautiful HOCC information and gifts.

Thank you I got my package today, stay safe and God bless you!

A lot of the time I feel lonely because my family and old friends of mine don’t talk to me since I heard about being HIV positive – but HOCC has always made me feel  welcomed and now feels like I visit my new family once a month – it has worked for me – AND now HOCC comes to my house for a visit – I am OK!


Just want to say your gift means all the world to me, it’s such a fountain that continues to spring up like healing waters.

The lovely card reads comfort and peace to my soul. We are strong and oh so powerful together!

Awesome always perfect – thank you!

Thank you! Nicely done!

Thank you for all – and my new dog likes the dog bone you sent in the mail too.

Since our last in person HOCC in March it was hard to hear we could not meet monthly until this was all over – but HOCC knows how to keep us all together – thank you – see you next month at home!

I miss you guys so much!

I got it !! I really enjoy my package! Thank you and safety first!

Thank you again! HOCC is simply the best –  it makes my day sincerely!

I really miss HOCC in person but HOCC on the Go brings her into my home – welcome!

I am so thankful!!!

Thank you so much for all your help and support – love you!

Thank you HOCC! I can’t begin to tell you amazing ladies how appreciative I am for all the love that goes into HOCC on the go!

I won! Perfect gift I thank you HOCC!!

I love the rainbow card and your message – please post for all to see!


HOCC Monthly Message

After each storm comes a rainbow—but life isn’t just about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain, to look for the rainbows, and to engage in every moment with love in our hearts for each other. We may not be able to dance together today, but we can be patient, knowing a new day and a new normal will bring real change, peace, healing, and justice for all. We know that HOCC women are strong and if we remain safe, we’ve got this! Rejoice, both during the storms and the sunshine.                                                                                                                                                                         Stay strong and remain well,   

                                                                                                         Heidi and the HOCC Board



Second HOCC on the Go:

Monday, June 8, 2020

HOCC’s 23rd Anniversary and Counting


Getting Ready


 Faces and Voices of HOCC Coming Monday!


The Arrival 


HOT OF THE PRESS! June 7th!        First HOCC woman to receive our 23rd Anniversary HOCC on the Go! Congratulations Tracy – you rock! Don’t forget to check out your raffle number tomorrow after 2pm.


HOCC at Home 


New Faces of HOCC

 Board Members and Friends of HOCC Celebrating 23 Years and Counting!



HOCC’s 23rd Anniversary – 23 years and 23 raffles – and our big winner for $50.00 Target Card is Leah!!!  Congratulations!!!!

Voices from HOCC

Happy anniversary to all of us HOCC women!!!

I am so loving the surprise package in the mail!

Thank you for the beautiful card and words.

Thank you for all of the amazing goodies.

This was really exciting – waiting for the teal mail to come to my house and then having HOCC on the GO pop open with such a wonderful celebration – and don’t get me started about the 23 raffles – pure fun – and we certainly needed some!!!

Thank you for everything!!! Happy Anniversary!

The raffles! Nice job! Way to use the resources – thanks!

Good morning, thank you so much for the bag take care and God Bless!

Thank you so much. Got all the goodies. I feel so special. Thanks again!

Thank you so much – just beautiful!

Thank you for all the time and hard work to make the beautiful HOCC mailings happen for us. Everything in it was so thoughtful and generous.

Thank you so much! Happy Anniversary!

I really enjoy looking at all of the HOCC ladies it feels like coming to HOCC! I miss everyone : (

The package was very FUN, and the anticipation leading up to it exciting… makes me miss the entire 2nd Monday and Mini-Clinic Wednesday women!!!

Kudos to you!

Happy Blessed 23rd 2020 Anniversary HOCC wishing us many many more wonderful anniversaries and looking forward to continue to celebrate with the HOCC women for many more years to come!

I surely appreciate all the goodies that were in the two months of gift packages. I am at my home and staying safe during all of the mishap that is going on for months but still praying for the days we’ll be back together in person and with good blessings we will prevail. You are just simply the best and you are surely appreciated for the good work you have done. Stay Safe you and the HOCC family. Sincerely

Thank you for my package – my friends told me about last month I had no idea it would be so meaningful – it really did feel like a celebration and exciting THANK YOU!!!

What fun! HOCC playing cards – when I play solitaire it feels like we are all in the game with each teal card!!!

“HOCC on the Go”, teal package today. I would like to say thank you all once again for your support, energy, and compassion for what you do!!!

I am so grateful! It’s like getting an invisible hug from you all when it arrives in the mail!

Thank you so much! Love and miss you ladies a bunch!!

HOCC has amazing hearts – true love!

Your message in my card really meant a lot to me –

I enjoy the pictures and words of wisdom on Faces and Voices! It is so cool. I felt like I was at one of our meetings.

I keep coming back to the page to see the smiles of HOCC women – makes me feel connected and loved!

HOCC is such a Godsend! – received my follow up card today – amazing to receive snail mail that is fun!

I want to say thank you for the package. I really appreciated it! The mask is really great.

Thank you – I thank you for everything HOCC does for me – I wish we could all be closer.

The playing cards are wonderful! I can play alone to keep my mind going!!!


HOCC Monthly Message

Happy 23rd Anniversary!

There are many challenges we have already faced in this new year: the pandemic has taken so many lives and still remains a threat to our health; social distancing keeps us from our friends and families when we need them most; and now, over the last week, a renewed assault on our black and brown sisters, brothers, friends and family.

This time is not a moment in time – it is the moment to make a change!

HOCC women are strong ambassadors in the community to help, support, and lead. 2020 is the time for healing and loving each other in health, wellness, and justice. Today we celebrate HOCC and each of you making the difference in your journey forward! 

Heidi and the HOCC Board




First HOCC on the Go:

Monday, May 11, 2020

Reaching out to the women of HOCC during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Getting Ready

The Arrival

HOCC at Home

New Faces of HOCC


Voices from HOCC

This was so great- I feel like I went to HOCC today – thanks!

Thank you so much – it felt like a HOCC day today!

Thank you so much for this little care package. All the items are truly needed and it was very thoughtful and greatly appreciated! Please continue to stay well. Much peace and love.

HOCC shares the love in the best way she could – from a distance yet in my heart.

Thank you HOCC and God bless.

You are a Gem! And again, thank you for all and all you do us!!!

One thing I know HOCC doesn’t forget us!

Thanks for everything HOCC does for me and us!

Thank you so much! I didn’t expect all this – you did great!

I love you guys please stay safe – I miss you all very much

God bless you all and happy belated Mother’s Day to HOCC!

I stay in all of the day alone but today it felt like my HOCC family was with me.

Even if we were not there today – HOCC was with me at home.

Thank you this made my day – can’t wait to come back.

Thank you! I have been feeling kind of sad until HOCC on the Go came home to me – it made me smile!

Yes, safety first and HOCC – thank you!

Thank you for the care package it was lovely and so thoughtful of you to do it for us.

Things have been feeling like too much but today it felt just right – thank you!

HOCC on the go came today. Thank you so very much. You made my day. Please keep in touch. I can’t wait until we meet again. I miss everyone so much. Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you so much for the gift pack I needed that mask and sanitizer.

We are told to wear a mask and wash our hands or sanitize – pretty hard when you don’t have easy access but then – HOCC steps up and gives them to us! Thank you!!!

Just got my package today, thank you so much – I love this!

I usually get bills or bad news in the mail but today I got love from HOCC!!! Thank you!

Thank you, thank you very much needed!!!

OMG thank you love it! Everyone was jealous!

Oooh I love the STASH tea!!! What a tasty treat!!!

The candle is sooo very exquisite… idk if I can light it!

The gifts bring back good happy feelings down to the two mints!!

I’m tickled pink! This truly brought the much needed sunshine!!


HOCC Monthly Message


-> Thank You for Viewing Our Faces and Voices of HOCC

Since the second Monday of May 2020 – to present.  – –  See you again in February 2021!


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