We Want You To Know: The CDC reports, “More Time Needed to Assess Data and Risks on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause.”

The advisory committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention met yesterday to discuss the decision made on Tuesday to pause use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine because of its possible link to extremely rare blood clots. After a robust afternoon discussion, the panel decided they needed more time to assess the data and risks, and would not vote on a recommendation until they meet again in a week or 9 days from today. We will keep you posted when we hear more.

The good news is President Biden continues to reassure our nation by pledging that there will be enough coronavirus vaccine shots for “every single solitary American.”

To keep things real and in perspective in light of the J&J vaccine pause, one of our HOCC women shared a vaccine story yesterday about her daughter who is an essential worker. Her daughter had an appointment on Wednesday to receive the J&J vaccine, and she was frustrated that after she waited so long for her turn to be eligible for the vaccine, the J&J distribution was paused. Her vaccine enthusiasm was shattered—until her mom encouraged her to keep her appointment because she believed they would honor her appoinment and get her a different vaccine. She followed her mom’s recommendation and she was vaccinated on schedule with the Moderna vaccine. There is hope today as we move forward. (Thank you HOCC mom for letting us share your daughter’s vaccine story!)

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