Important notice:  As you know, HOCC is all about health and wellness. In light of the uncertainty in reopening our communities and businesses in Boston, we have proactively decided to cancel all May programming.  HOCC programming going forward will follow the recommendations of the Old South Church, the Mayor of Boston, and our Governor; we will also follow our own HOCC Board’s assessment of the best course of action for when and how we will return. For now, it’s safety first and we will keep you fully informed of all of our future plans.

HOCC’s 10th Annual Health Fair Cancelled for 2020


Links to reopening Boston:

  1. Massachusetts plan for economic reopening expected ‘in the coming weeks’
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  3. Non-essential business closure, stay-at-home advisory in Massachusetts extended to May 18

  4. Statewide mandatory face covering requirement goes into effect this week